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You will find here works by me and information and various services that I offer. My name is Michael Schleider and I have myself specialized on Grass Valley EDIUS, Blender, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. In addition to advanced knowledge in hardware and software area, with Windows and Linux, I also master various other programs in the areas of Stillimages (pixel- and vectorbased), Web, Video und 3D.

I passed the "Silver Cutter" certification successfully on 5th of November 2009. In October 2012, I successfully passed the certification as an "Adobe Certificate Instructor".

As an official EDIUS trainer, I can train you to become the official EDIUS cutter in the "Trainings Center" magic multi media, Then you get from Grass Valley a website and storage space to deposit finished projects, so that studios, TV stations, companies and other potential employers have the opportunity to contact you.

You need a capable and solution-oriented employee for your ongoing project, want to optimize the workflow, need advice in the video field or just want to outsource part of your project?
Gladly I advise you or take over your work in SD, HD and UHD from the field of 3D, stereoscopic, compositing, video editing and still images. Just send me a small request via my contact form.

I'm also a big friend of the open source and free software community.

Software skills

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Grass Valley EDIUS
  • Grass Valley Composer (GV Director)
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Encore DVD
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Blender
  • Python (programming)
  • AutoIT (programming)
  • HTML+CSS+Javascript+PHP
  • u.v.m.

Special solutions

After Effects Templates generation, also the reproduction of known special effects
Installation and maintenance of your PC in case of problems in conjunction with the mentioned programs
Also repair your video PC
Recovery of deleted files
Recover defective video files with self-written programs (e.g. ProRes, XAVC)
Video encoding and decoding, multiplexing and scripting, including DCP (Digital Cinema Package) creation
Digitization of analog video
Website creation and adjustments, e.g.:
- HTML menus that are started from a volume
- Adjust existing websites, but also eg. webshop adjustments (HTML, JS, PHP based sites)
- The current website is a self-written CMS based on HTML, CSS, PHP, Python
- I wrote my own website for my family finances.
- I've created my own website to create invoices and manage customers.
Creation of automated solutions on the PC, e.g.:
- automatic video production from video and audio snippets with given text
- individual workflow optimization to increase efficiency with the help of self-written scripts or programs
Installation programs for all purposes (with InnoSetup or self written python-based program)
Panorama generation and optimization
CD creation, DVD and BD authoring
Server/client solutions on the local intranet (OS independent applications working in standard web browser)
Server / Client streaming solutions for video and audio
and much, much more as long as it is digital video or pictures.

If you are unsure to solve your problem find your missing solution here, please send a short request via the contact form.

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